Open Links
In Any Chrome Profile

When you click links in places like email messages, documents, and other apps, you can let them open in any Google Chrome™ profile you select.

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View recently opened URLs, quickly open them and set rules to open different urls in different profiles (coming soon).
Set your Google Chrome™ profile and let URLs open in that profile no matter which profile you have used last.


  • Is "Open In Profile" free?

    Yes, totally!

  • I installed "Open In Profile" but nothing happens when I click any link. What should I check?

    First, make sure the app is running. You should see this icon Menu Bar Icon in the status bar. You should also check if "Open In Profile" as set to "Default Browser". You can set this in "Settings" menu or through "System Preferences".

  • Does this app send visited urls to any server?

    No. I respect your privacy. The app only saves the last 10 visited URLs "locally" for reference. You can clear the visited urls in "Settings" menu.


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I'd love to hear your feedback to make Open In Profile better.

If you have any issues with the application or want to provide a feedback please contact me at

Current Version: 1.5.1


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